Cheap&Cleanliness hostel -GuestHouse ROJIURA-

Language : Japanese / English


Is there the key in the room?
I install a key every each room. I hand the key at the time of check-in.
Can I put valuables in the room?
I prepare the locker for valuables. Please use a locker.
There is the free kitchen, do you offer the meal?
It becomes a principle, the self-service. I do not offer dinner, breakfast together. Thank you for your understanding.
Is the eating place decided?
There is not the rule in particular, but there is free kitchen space. In the case of eating out, there is the restaurant of the neighborhood within the range of 5-10 minutes on foot. There are the lots such as Japanese food, a noodle shop, an Italian, a bar, a diner, a cafe, a ramen shop, a Thai dish. Because a supermarket and the convenience store are near, you buy a lunch and return, and there is much cooked the own meals.
What time is lights out?
It is 24:00 on lights out. When it is 22:00, I am equipped with a lock of the entrance. You operate the touch panel of the entrance after 22:00, and please enter inside.
Can children under elementary school children stay at the guest house?
I am sorry, children under elementary school age are not accepted.
What is the difference between dormitory and private room?
The dormitory is sharing a room. You prepare for men's and women's sharing a room, but please refer because it is the flexible style that I attach to the hope of the visitor.
Because the private room has 2-3 room, in the case of a reservation, please order it.
Till when is the time for check-in good?
I ask for the check-in by 21:00. When you are late by unexpected circumstances, please contact me by a telephone or an email by all means by 21:00.
Is there the rental of bath towel and towel?
I loan it out for a fee at the front desk.
It is (bath towel 100 yen for rent, towel 100 yen for the purchase).
After use, put it there because there is a basket in the shower room.
Please tell me about a cancellation fee.
The cancellation before 3rd of the scheduled staying date is free.
The cancellation two days ago takes the cancellation fee of 50% of staying price.
The cancellation of the day before takes the cancellation fee of 80% of staying price.
The cancellation of the day takes 100% of cancellation fees.
100% of cancellation fees enter a non-night without the communication.
*The payment by the credit card, existing gold are available together.
When it is during the cleaning in the hall, what should the baggage do?
Because there is a locker in the lobby, please use that one.
Can you charge the cell-phone? Or is there the battery charger of the rental?
There is not the battery charger for the rental, but please use that place because there is an outlet by the pillow as for the charge of the cell-phone.
Which company's credit cards can be used?
A credit card seems to be usable, what credit card company are you usable in? The credit card handling becomes Rakuten, VISA, master, JCB, American Express,Diners,UnionPay.
I want you to keep even baggage because you arrive early in the morning. When would you take charge from?
I take it other than valuables. It is available from after 8:00 in the morning.
May I be in a hall until time for check-in?
If it is a lobby, it is available in the time except the check-in.
I want to do check-out early to return early in the morning. What time can I appear in the morning?
All right. Because there is a key box for the return, please let a key enter there.
I have you keep baggage after check-out. When should I go to get it by?
It is possible until 16:00. Please use the locker of the lobby.
There is the place that I stay and liked once. Can you appoint the room?
The guest of the consecutive stay from the day before often comes, and even this decides a bed in the order that I guided to the room basically because management is difficult. Please understand it beforehand.
I slept once at a guided place, but after all do not like a place. Can you move?
If there is a vacancy, I can change it. Please order it to the front staff. But I have you decline in the case of no vacancies.
Can you stay by a pet companion?
Staying with the pet has you decline.
Is the time to use a washing machine and a shower room fixed?
During a staying period, as for the time except the following time, the use is possible.
As for the washing machine, the dryer, a bathroom, the shower are time except the noon from 10:00 a.m. at time except 3:00 p.m. from 6:00 a.m.
※It is not available during during the use or cleaning by duties.
Is there TV in a hall? Is there small TV for the getting out sublet?
There is TV in the lounge. There is no belly telly for the rental. Please prepare a TV function cell-phone or portable television on by yourself. Please use an earphone on the occasion of the use in the bedroom.
When friends ask it, you talk together in a room and a hall, and can you do it?
A lounge is available. Please refrain from the bedroom.
Is the adjustment of the air-conditioner possible?
It is common throughout staying space and cannot adjust the air-conditioner individually. I rent towelling blankets free at the front desk.
When it is cold, are there a blanket and the futon for the rental?
I prepare all at the front desk. Please order it willingly.
There is rent-a-bicycle service, is there the limit at time?
In one day loan it out. Because there is the key at the front desk, I would like the return of the key at the front desk. In addition, I receive 1,000 yen as a deposit.
Is conditioner in shampoo body shampoo, the rental dryer free?
I prepare free. The rental dryer is limited in number. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
Till when may I use a kitchen?
It is available until 24:00. In addition, it is not available during cleaning from 11:00 to 15:00.
Is the reservation necessary to use a shower and a free kitchen?
The reservation is unnecessary. I would like clearings to be easy to use used next.
What does the seasoning have?
There are oil, salt, pepper, soy sauce, basic seasoning of the sugar. In addition, I come to have you prepare in visitors when it is necessary.
Is it all right to bring in food and a drink?
The carry-on is possible. Because there are a supermarket and the convenience store near, please use it. In addition, as for the garbage which appeared at the time of garbage and the cooking that went out of each room in a kitchen, I would like classification by all means.
Is there the vending machine?
The vending machine prepares in a lounge. *In addition, there are free coffee, the tea service (instant), too.
What should the management of valuables do?
The valuables have the rocker with the key. I would like management in you.
I am afraid whether you can get up on time in the morning. Will you wake him up?
I'm sorry, but I hope that I have you get up by yourself.
Is there the tourist attraction near?
Our hotel becomes the place of two minutes on foot from Beppu Station. It becomes the place situated in a good location so that Yufuin is seen the sights of including Beppu.
I come using ship or JR.In the case of the suspension of service, does the cancellation fee occur by bad weather?
A usual cancellation rate occurs basically.For example, they were going to go on a motorcycle, but the cancellation charges occur if public means of transportation move the case that you cannot go for in a typhoon.But, in the case of the disaster that there is not a forthcoming method, the cancellation fee does not occur even if you use any means of transportation. Please talk once.
Can we use a hostel in families?
It depends on the number of people. Please order it at the time of a reservation.
Is there the closing time?
There is not the closing time, but the entrance is locked at 22:00. The person coming back fills in a key and a password of the touch panel after 22:00, and please enter. Because I request a key 2,000 yen separately when it is lost, thank you for your understanding.
Is there the smoking room?
It becomes the smoking cessation in the hall. Because you establish the smoking space outside, please use that one.