Cheap&Cleanliness hostel -GuestHouse ROJIURA-

Language : Japanese / English



  • A free drink. I prepare free coffee and tea (instant) for the free kitchen.
  • The shower room is available for 24 hours. There is conditioner in shampoo body shampoo, a rental dryer.
    I prepare for for each two rooms according to man and woman.
  • A coin laundry. A washing machine, the dryer are available for for each 200 yen.
  • Kitchen space. You can cook your own meals in the kitchen. I prepare an appliance necessary for an IH cooking heater, a dishwasher, a hot plate, the cooking including the pan.
  • Tableware, toaster, microwave oven. I prepare a lot of kitchen utensil and tableware. Please use it freely.
  • Equipped with security. In the hall, it is done security perfection. In addition, I install an intercom in the entrance hall. When it is 22:00, the entrance is locked.
  • Entrance locker. A locker is set up by the entrance. It is available even after check-in until 16:00.
  • A restroom with Washlet. The restroom keeps the space that is clean on Washlet in mind.
  • Makeup washstand. I prepare for five makeup washstands other than a restroom not to be crowded for morning busy preparations.
  • Free Comics, magazine. There is comics, the magazine on the shelf of a lounge and the corridor. Please read freely.
  • Vending machine I prepare a vending machine in a lounge.

Two PCs, printer preparation

There are Internet PC two available free. In addition, please use it freely because there is the printer. In addition, I install four free Wi-Fi in a building.

I prepare three rent-a-bicycle.

It is most suitable to investigate a town of Beppu. Please order rental desired to the front desk. I hand a key. I receive 1,000 yen as guarantee charges on this occasion. When a bicycle was returned, I pay guarantee charges 1,000 yen.

Bicycle parking lot, equipped with parking lot.

There is large parking space belonging to a roof at the entrance. Because you are stopped to 20, please use even the group touring on the large motorcycle.

There is smoking space.

The building is entirely non-smoking, but establishes the smoking space at the entrance. Please use it freely.

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