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  • 楽天トラベル
  • Agoda

cancel policy

cancel policy
  • The cancellation before 3rd of the scheduled staying date is free.
  • The cancellation two days ago takes the cancellation fee of 50% of staying price.
  • The cancellation of the day before takes the cancellation fee of 80% of staying price.
  • The cancellation of the day takes 100% of cancellation fees.

When there is not notification and it is not arrived by 21:00 of the accommodation date,we cancel a reservation.
In that case, a 100% cancellation rate of the hotel charges for the day occurs, and the cancellation rate of 50% of hotel charges for the next day occurs more.

About the change of the reservation.
Please inform it of the changes such as a schedule or the number of people within three days before staying. When it is two days ago, it become a target of the cancellation rule (all the notification after 21:00, please be careful in becoming handled on the next day)



In the case of check-in, please pay the hotel charges in acceptance.
The hotel charges become the total amount payment in advance.
Cash of the Japanese Yen or a credit card is available to the payment together.

The credit card handling becomes Rakuten, VISA, master, JCB, American Express,Diners,UnionPay.